Senior Process Engineer, Gas business - Nordic Project Development

Description of the role

As Senior Process engineer at St1 you will have an important role in St1s growth strategy by implementing your experience and knowledge in the design of new biogas production projects, retrofits, expansion projects and to the biogas operation.

You will work cross over in all disciplines, but with special attention to biogas technology, microbiology, feedstock evaluations and related R&D. In addition to project related task, such as feasibility studies, BMP studies, RFQs and concept design. Support and process optimizing projects on St1s existing production plants will also be a part of the running tasks.

You will join a engaged and dedicated team with a mix of competencies that works prestigeless against the goal to grow on the biogas an e-methane market and be the leading producer and seller of CO-aware energy.

Your key responsibilities

  • Conduct detailed process simulations, feasibility studies, design concepts and technical and process assessments
  • Conduct BMP studies and substrate evaluations
  • Prepare comprehensive reports, technical documentation, RFQs, and presentations to communicate findings, recommendations, and projects to internal stakeholders
  • Support the operation and plant commission teams in line with your expertise
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements and innovations in existing plant
  • Lead and participate in site visits, data collection, and analysis to identify operational challenges and develop effective solutions
  • Stay current with industry trends and participate in R&D projects
  • Foster a culture of safety, innovation, and collaboration within the team and across the organization

Your skills and experience

  • Excellent skill and experience in the field of biogas production, with emphasis of production technology and microbiology
  • Good knowledge of energy gases and gas utilization technologies
  • General knowledge of energy systems and energy optimization strategies  
  • Hands on experience from plant operation - and a strong understanding of the challenges and needs
  • Good knowledge of related regulations, norms, and legislations
  • Strong business drive and understanding of the bigas business
  • Strong interpersonal, teamwork, organizational and communication skills: oral/written and listening
  • Analytical and problem-solving mindset
  • Strong ability to work independently and to make priorities in order to deliver business critical items on time
  • Fluent in English and any Scandinavian language, both verbal and written


Our offer
We work based on our Culture for Growth which seeks in enabling sustainable future. As an St1 colleague we expect you to have a willingness to develop by learning from others, challenging conventional and innovating in new ways of working. You seek for a life-long learning. You are an ideal team player in supporting others but also challenging when necessary. You have commitment and ambition and hunger to grow in your role.


St1 is an energy transition company that operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom. Through our operations, we implement our vision to be the leading producer and seller of CO-aware energy. In the spirit of our vision, we re-search, develop, produce and invest in the energy transition to be able to provide our customers with CO-aware energy while creating a positive societal impact. We focus on fuel marketing activities, oil refining and low-emissions energy solutions such as advanced biofuels, biogas and industrial wind power. Today, we produce advanced ethanol and biogas from waste. A new bio-refinery is under construction on the St1 refinery site in Gothenburg. It is designed to optimize production of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. Moreover, our Power-to-X projects and wind power projects are advancing on many fronts.


Welcome with your application with a cover letter and your CV to lates November 27.


Welcome with your application!

St1 Value Chain

St1 is an energy company, whose vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. In the spirit of our vision, we research, develop, produce and invest to be able to provide our customers with CO2-aware energy while creating positive societal impact. Our employees’ ambitious work keeps transitioning our value chain constantly towards greater sustainability.