The Life+ Project


The main goal of the project is to be the first processing plant that shows how a waste product from the food industry can be recycled into ethanol, by integration with a production system at an existing oil refinery, to produce renewable fuels for the transport section.

The main results of the project so far:


  • Investigation of the local market for raw material.
  • Planning and on-going work with permission processes.  
  • Applications sent to the authorities and are under investigation. 
  • An Environmental permit has been obtained.
  • building permit obtained
  • Inauguration of the plant took place the 5th of June 2015.
  • Since the turn of the year 2015/2016 ethanol is produced according to the product specification and the animal feed is delivered to the customer.
  • We have reported the Mid-term report to the European Commission.
  • We have on several occasions received study visits for tour of the facility.
  • The Commissioning phase has been completed and the responsibility for the construction and operation has been handed over to the refinery.
  • The demonstration phase has begun in which the goal is to test the Etanolix technology integration to the existing refinery and to show that ethanol can be produced in a sustainable and efficient manner.
  • We have participated and presented Etanolix 2.0 and LIFE + project at the 10th International Conference Eco-Tech in Kalmar.
  • Development of the plant is underway and various raw materials are tested.